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As part of our mission, we get a lot of questions about investment management. Whether you invest with us or not, we want to make these insights available to everyone.

What are your fees?
1.00% per year or about 0.08% per month.
What is your account minimum?
$20 for anyone outside the United States. $500 for users in the United States.
Are you registered?
Yes, we are registered with the SEC. Our CRD # is 302005. You can learn more about us on FINRA Broker Check.
Is my money safe?
Yes, all accounts are separately managed with up to $500,000 in SIPC insurance. Your assets are held at our custodian Alpaca Securities, a leader in the space that is also a FINRA/SIPC member. We don't believe in locking your money so feel free to add/withdraw funds at anytime.
What is your investment process?
Our mission is to deliver consistent above-average returns through a disciplined process focused on actively managing downside risk. We employ fundamental analysis for security selection and a systematic approach to portfolio construction. Learn more here
I setup and made my first deposit. What's next?
Great! Sit back and relax. We will invest and manage it for you, and keep you informed along the way.
I live in ___ and tried to register but could not -- why?
We support users in over 150 countries. We continue to expand our international support. If your country is not on the list, please reach out to us.
Can I refer a friend for a discount?
Yes, we offer discounts for referrals. Share your unique referral link from the app when you sign-up.
Do you proxy-vote for my securities?
No. As a shareholder, you exercise your right to vote on important issues such as executive compensation, board of directors etc for companies we invest in.
Is my account treated differently from others?
All accounts are managed according to the same strategy. We do not favor some clients over another. There are no differences in strategies or fee structures.
Can I open an account for a minor (child)?
Yes, we support custodial accounts (UTMA/UGMA). To open one, all you need is an email and minor identification details such as Date of Birth and SSN (or equivalent tax ID).
Can I move my retirement account, i.e. IRA, 401K, etc?
We offer limited support at this time for tax-advantaged accounts. In fact, only on case-by-case basis. This is because we rely on computer models to trade and effect investment advice. Today, very few retirement account custodians support this. Reach out to us by email as we work to expand beyond taxable brokerage accounts.

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